Starbucks Has an Ombré Pink Drink and We Have to Try It

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The baristas at Starbucks never seem to run out of ideas for creative new drinks!

With the unicorn trend spreading its wings, there's been no shortage of colorful Instagram photo opportunities for the coffee chain's customers. Although the Unicorn Frappuccino days are over, for now, Instagram users can breathe a sigh of relief with Starbucks' latest secret-menu creation, which uses iced passion tea to create a pink ombré effect.

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Several baristas have uploaded images of the drink on social media during the last few days. An unoffical Starbucks blog, Starbucks Melody, also says the drink will be on the actual menu as a featured item starting May 31, Delish reports.

While there hasn't been an official confirmation, you can ask for the special drink by ordering a tall Pink Drink served in a grande cup, topped with a splash of iced passion tea.

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If you want your drink to have a more summery watermelon look, ask for a tall Cool Lime Refresher (replacing water with coconut milk) with the iced passion tea on top. Not really an ombré effect, but a fun drink nevertheless!

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