School Reportedly Shames Mom for Sending Her Kid to School With Raisins

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Did this school just go too far?

Cheree Lawrence, the woman behind the Australian mommy blog, Oh So Busy Mum, reposted a photo of a school's note that she says she saw in the Lunchbox Ideas Australia Facebook group. The photo is quite a doozy.

"The sultanas packed for your child today is unacceptable at [kindergarten] due to its high sugar content," the note read.

"Please help us to encourage nutritious eating habits in children. Our Healthy Eating Policy asks you to provide healthy and nutritious snacks for your child to eat at kindy," the note began.

"Acceptable items include: Fresh, dried or tinned/packaged fruit/vegetables, vegetable dips, cheese, crackers/dry biscuits, yoghurt, fruit bread/muffins, sandwiches with healthy fillings," it went on to say.

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However, unless the brands on to that natural sugar, raisins and other dried fuits are fine in moderation and provide a good serving of fiber, according to Harvard Health Publications.

The internet had plenty to say about it, naturally, and commenters were upset that the school was trying to play parent.

"I would be going straight to the school," one user wrote, according to Delish. "What I put in MY child's lunch box they are able to eat."

"They are there to teach kids kindergarten, not be nutritionists," another parent wrote. "This is a time in child development where fussy eating is huge! Totally not their call."

Which side do you think is right?

Photo Credit: Facebook / Oh So Busy Mom


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