Matching Your Hair to Your Makeup Is the Latest Beauty Trend and It's Kind of Awesome

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Gone are the days when matching your hair or outfit to your eye shadow was a beauty don't. And we have the Instagram beauty bloggers of the world to thank for throwing that rule book out the window.

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Whether it's ombré hair, bold color combos or even just one all-over subdued pastel hue — there seems to be little the makeup mavens haven't tried to take their matching game to the next level.

"Those with gorgeous rainbow ombré hair are now using it as inspiration for the rest of their look — even their eyebrows. We're seeing everything from cotton candy all-pink to complementary orange-and-blue combos," POPSUGAR reported.

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And as for those with more "mainstream" hair colors — there are still plenty of possibilities. Blondes can test out the highlighter yellow eyeshadow or blush trend. Redheads could easily pick out a bright red lipstick tube, and there's always plenty of bronzing or smoky eye looks for brunettes.

The possibilities are clearly endless, no matter what hair color you're rocking.

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