Watch: Boss and Employees Raise Money to Help Co-Worker Commute to Work and Keep Job

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A hardworking employee is thanking her co-workers after they went above and beyond to help her keep her job.

Firestone Complete Auto Care employee, Tia Benbow was going to have to quit her job because she could no longer afford her long car commute.

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Making sure that wasn’t going to happen, they pooled their funds together and surprised her with $1,300 to help with finances.

When sharing the news with Benbow by her boss, Charlie Brown, co-worker, Eric Amos captured the moment and shared it to Facebook. Since publishing last week, the post has gone viral with more than 2.3 million views and 20,000 shares, comments and likes.

“We’re family. That’s family. That’s what we do,” one of the employees can be heard saying in the background as an overwhelmed Benbow is left speechless, covering her face to hide her tears.

In an interview with ABC News, Brown said he didn’t even know it was being recorded by Amos, saying, “You always want to be there for your teammates. Knowing the situation she was in, we all decided to pull together.”

According to the news agency, Benbow had already moved once to be closer to her job, while leaving her son in high school behind with her mother so he wouldn’t have to uproot his education and basketball team in the middle of the season. But the commute would take her about two hours since she could only cut her trip down by 30 miles.

Though she used to work at another Firestone location closer to her home, she was transferred to the Columbia location because of complications with management.

“When I transferred here, I got sick and had to have major surgery done,” she said. “The first surgery was done in January and the second in February, and I did not return until the end of April. In the process, with me being out of work and having to take that drive, I did get one vehicle repossessed from me. The second one was in the shop, and it was in the process of being repossessed also because I could not afford to get it out of the shop.”

Lovingly enough, her employees were already in the process of gathering money to surprise her at the end of the week, but when they word that she was preparing to put in her two-week notice on Wednesday, they decided to do it earlier.

“We knew she was feeling down. You could tell by her attitude,” said Amos, who shot the footage. “Normally she’s an awake person and smiling, and she wasn’t. She told us about the situation a couple weeks prior, so me and Charlie got everybody in the shop to pull the numbers together to get her taken care of.”

And that’s just what they did. Benbow now has her car out of the shop and was back hard at work today.

“They care. They wanted me to stay,” she said. “I had put in a two-weeks notice but they did not want me to leave. They said I was the reason they were making money, because I was making them money. It really touched me.”


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