Kinder Eggs Are Officially Coming to the United States

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Get ready, chocolate lovers — Kinder Eggs are finally coming to America!

The massively popular candy will officially make its way stateside at the beginning of 2018 and will be called Kinder Joy, CNN reports.

Created by Ferrero International S.A., Kinder Surprise eggs have been an international hit for years and feature a milk chocolate shell with a capsule inside that contains a toy.

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The eggs were banned in the states in the '70s by the FDA as a choking hazard, but the eggs and knockoffs have been available on the black market.

The new eggs will be packaged a bit differently to avoid any potential hazards, and will feature two individually packaged halves, one of which will contain the aforementioned toy. The other will house chocolate cream, two crispy wafer balls and a small spoon.

While the eggs are a bit different than the classic Kinder Surprise, we're thinking they'll still be just as good.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CNN


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