These Are the Most Glamorous False Eyelashes We've Ever Seen

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Instagram is home to the most unique and innovative beauty trends around, and this latest one is just as imaginative as the rest.

Japanese artist Miyuki has taken false eyelashes to the next level with her extravagant creations, and her Instagram account is teeming with glamorous shots of her "Deco Lashes."

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Miyuki adorns her creations with nature-inspired glam like butterflies, flowers and more, and adds embellishments like rhinestones and charms to make the lashes seriously over-the-top.

POPSUGAR shares that Miyuki creates for cosplay, steampunk events and costumes, and are sold on Japanese website Village Vanguard from around $30 to $80.

Check out some more of Miyuki's awe-inspiring designs below, and for even more lashes, ogle her Instagram here.

A post shared by 実柚季 (@myk_eyelashes) on

A post shared by 実柚季 (@myk_eyelashes) on

Photo Credit: Instagram / @myk_eyelashes


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