Sam Hunt Flew to Hawaii Seven Times to Win Back Wife Hannah Lee Fowler

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Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Georgia in April of this year, but the pair's road to marital bliss wasn't always a smooth one.

The pair had been off and on for several years, but Hunt was determined to win Fowler back, even traveling to Hawaii, where she was living, to convince her to reconsider.

“I think last summer I went out [to Hawaii] about seven times in about three months,” the singer recalled. “Trying to talk to her about coming back. And the seventh trip I convinced her.”

Hunt also opened up about the pair's wedding, calling the day "perfect."

“Hannah was happy, and that was my number one priority, so it worked out," he said. "My family was there. I got to spend time with people I haven't gotten to see in a while and celebrate a special time in my life and in my wife's life, and our families' lives, so it was a really, a really great moment.”

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The 32-year-old added that the emotional day was made more so by a few unexpected moments.

“There are emotions that you can't really plan for that just sort of sneak up and almost knock you off your feet,” he shared. “Like ,when you're standing there… And they don't come in the big moments, I feel like it's just little things, like seeing your mom sitting beside your grandmother who needs help getting up to walk down to aisle and like [Hannah’s] little brother is escorting my grandmother down the aisle and just to see our families come together in that way was really special for me.”

Hunt recently kicked off his 15 in a 30 tour, but is looking forward to spending some quality time with his wife in the fall.

“She has her own life and her ambitions and her own dreams and things are important to her, and I want to support those as much as she's supported me,” he said. “I think it's been a little lopsided these first few weeks of marriage, so I owe her for sure… but she's having fun.”

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