Watch: Erin Andrews Breaks Down as She Talks Forgiveness and the ‘Hardest Part’ of Stalker Case

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Sportscaster and Dancing With the Stars host, Erin Andrews is opening up about what it was like to have her privacy assaulted by a stalker who secretly filmed her and posted videos of the invasion online.

In an emotional interview airing Sunday on NBC’s Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, Andrews tells reveals what it was like telling her parents about the incident and watching the videos back that her stalker, Michael David Barrett filmed in 2008 while at the Nashville Marriott in Tennessee.

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“I was just stunned. I was in shock. I was embarrassed,” she says of her reaction upon learning of the footage. “I was freaking out so much that when I called my parents, my dad thought I had been injured in a car accident because I was just screaming bloody murder on the other end.”

During her civil lawsuit last year, Andrews recalls watching the videos in court and there was one instance she found most disturbing.

“One of the videos we had to watch, you can hear him breathing in it. You can also hear people behind him walking, which is also disgusting,” she says, adding how Barrett also turned the camera to catch different angles of her. “But I think the breathing is the hardest part. You can just hear him breathing.”

While tearing up, Andrews tells Kelly that the experience was “gross” and made her “want to take about 80 showers.”

Kelly shares that Barrett hopes Andrews will forgive him one day, but the 39-year-old Maine native says quite simply, “no.”

“I have to relieve it all the time,” she said through tears. “It’s shaped who I am as a person. It messed with my family. It hurt my mom and dad so bad and it still does. And you don’t get any sort of pass for doing that.”

Last year, Andrews was awarded $55 million after she sued Barrett as well as the franchise owner and the manager of the Marriott for damages. Her stalker was ordered to pay 51 percent of the total compensation, averaging out to $28 million.

You can watch Andrews’ full sit-down interview with Kelly when it airs Sunday on NBC. Check your local listings.


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