Watermelon Makeup Is Here Just in Time for Summer

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @lizztagram

One of the best parts of summer is about to translate into one of the biggest trends in makeup: watermelon.

The beloved summer fruit is making waves in the beauty community, with watermelon eye and lip makeup on Instagram, featuring some ultra creative spins on the pink and green look.

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From glossy lips, speckled cheeks and patterned eyelids, the watermelon-themed looks are the perfect eye-catcher to test out this summer when you want to put a little extra oomph into your beauty routine.

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Many in the Instagram beauty community put their own unique twist on the theme — going all out to include the seeds and all, or simply just trying a cool color combo of pink and green.

Would you try out this delicious summer look?

Photo Credit: Instagram / @lizztagram


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