Watch: Little Boy Says Pledge of Allegiance While Awaiting Friend in Adorable Show of Patriotism

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A home security camera captured a Utah boy's adorable display of patriotism.

Salt Lake City 8-year-old Wyatt Warner was on his way to his best friend's house when he saw the flat in the front yeard and stopped to say the Pledge of Allegiance. The patriotic pause would have gone unnoticed if not for the family's security camera, Inside Edition reports.

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Wyatt's mother Jami Warner, said that her neighbor Emily Zarr sent her the video.

"I cheered up when I saw it," Warner said. "I thought it so sweet and so cute. It's just like my Wyatt. Everything he does, he does 100 percent.

The family talks with Wyatt about the privilege of living in a free country and Warner says that the family believes that he has taken their lessons to heart.

"We have people in our family who has served. He really does love the country," she explained.

While she never expected the video to gather a lot of attention, Warner says she's happen that Wyatt is getting recognition for his private good deed.

"A lot of people don't see that sweet tender side to him. He is very passionate about whatever he does," Warner said.

Photo: Twitter / @abc4utah


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