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18 Months Clean 🙏🏻✌🏻

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is celebrating a new milestone in his sobriety journey. The Jersey Shore alum took to Instagram this week to reveal that he has now been clean for a year and a half.

The 34-year-old shared the snap with the caption: "18 Months Clean."

Last month, Mike, who is currently appearing on WeTV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, opened about his days using drugs. He says that it's difficult to go back and watch Jersey Shore because he is shocked at his behavior.

"I was watching it for the first time in years, and I was like, 'Oh my God! I was like that?' And then again, like I said, I was wild," Mike said while talking to E! News. "I was in my twenties, and I was using heavily."

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He continued by saying: "When I watch certain seasons—mostly Italy season—it's hard for me to watch that one because I was coming at everyone for no reason apparent. And it's because—and a lot of people didn't know—I was really heavily using. I didn't know how to control my emotions."

During the Italy season, Mike was attempting to get clean and it had a serious impact on his behavior.

"I was actually trying to get clean that year. It didn't really work, but I was trying that year," he said. "I was just agitated all the time...It was just a train wreck."

Now that "The Situation" has left his drug using days behind, he has experienced major changes in his lifestyle.

"[Being sober] really taught me how to be at peace. It taught me to be more accepting," he said. "I live my life today more at peace. I try not to have any arguments. I mean, everything in my life now has changed. I just live such a peaceful life…I'm in a lot better place than I was maybe in my twenties."

In other positive news for Mike, he has been dating his girlfriend Lauren Pesce for a while now and may be planning on popping the question soon.

"I'm coming across that age, you know, I'm low 30s right now," he laughed. "I've had wild 20s. I want to have a family of my own very, very soon. I'm talking within a year or so...I would like to plan to get engaged this year, and also start a family this year."

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