McDonald's Has a New Neon Drink and People Are Freaking Out

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Don't let your eyes fool you — McDonald's new drink is reportedly pretty delicious, despite looking like its made of lime jello topped with whipped cream.

According to Delish, the drink is actually Fanta's Melon Soda and it's topped with a swirl of Mickey D's soft serve ice cream. The bright concoction has been featured in thousands of Instagram posts and has garnered most of its cult-like following from the McDonald's menu in Japan.

Naturally, the soda is exclusively sold in Japan and Thailand for now, unless you're willing to fork over a couple hundred dollars for just the soda itself on Amazon.

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As the soda itself is available in many parts of Japan and Thailand, the float version has made its away to other fast food conglomerates, like Burger King and Subway.

Interestingly, the green drink, or cream soda, appears to be a stable in Japanese culture, such as America's version of the root beer float.

Would you try it?

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