Secret Button Will Give You More Space on a Plane and Our Minds Are Blown

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secret button
(Photo: Twitter / @thisisinsider)

Nothing ruins a getaway faster than being uncomfortable on the plane. Flying economy usually means being squished in with everyone else, and with no hope of stretching out unless you're shelling out the extra money for better seats.

However, The Independent recently reported about a secret button that can give that little bit of wiggle room you've been craving and it's in the last place one would expect.

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Hidden underneath the aisle seat armrest near the hinge is a little release button that lets passengers raise the armrest completely. Simply press the button, lift the arm rest and a whole new world of room is revealed.

This so-called "hack" is often used by cabin crew when assisting passengers who require special assistance and it's meant to make evacuations easier. At least that's the official reason the button exists and some claim that it can make it possible to get into the overhead bin without getting out of your seat.

So, next time you fly and need just a little more room in your aisle seat give that secret button a try then relax the rest of your flight.

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