Starbucks Introduces New Sangria Red Tea

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Summer is officially just around the corner, and Starbucks is getting into the season with some new drinks. One of the coffee chain's freshest offerings? Sangria red tea.

The red and yellow ombré drink was practically made for Instagram, with the sunset-inspired colors perfectly capturing the summer season.

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Although the drink isn't officially listed on Starbucks' official website or social channels, Delish speculates that the colorful concoction consists of Teavana Berry Sangria Herbal Tea, orange juice, orange slices, apple slices and possibly a few grapes.

Unfortunately, the drink only appears to be available in South Korea, but maybe your neighborhood Starbucks has a barista who'd be willing to create the summertime treat.

Take a peek at how the drink is created below.

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @kieunchoi


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