These Summer Makeup Looks Will Make You Scream for Ice Cream

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Nothing goes together better than summer and ice cream, and now makeup artists are taking that perfect pairing to the next level with ice cream inspired makeup.

Yes, you read right. With mythical creature trends dominating much of this year, Cosmopolitan reports that this summer a few makeup artists are taking their inspiration literally.

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Artists such as Reddit user hiimkaylaa are using FX makeup techniques and actual ice cream cones to create highly realistic looks. But the ice cream makeup trend isn't new.

Bloggers and makeup artists, such as Desi Perkins, posted tutorials for the sweet looks last fall, but now that it's summer the love of the ice cream-themed looks is heating up.

Central to the makeup style are bright, candy colors used to create the illusion that the dessert is melting down the face.

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Artists are using everything from cones to actual sprinkles to create these delicious looks. Not feeling quite like literally looking like you have ice cream on your face? These looks will be just as sweet for Halloween.

Photo: Twitter / @cuisine_actus


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