'90s Drink Zima Returns to Shelves for the Summer

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Back in the '90s, clear malt alcoholic beverage Zima was a staple on grocery shelves, and it looks like the drink is making a return amid culture's current wave of nostalgia.

MLive reports that MillerCoors is bringing the drink back for a limited time, starting June 12 and continuing until Labor Day.

"The 90's have become the quintessential decade for nostalgia, so it's time for the return of our 90s icon," Tristan Meline, senior marketing manager for Zima, said in a blog post.

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"The press coverage and consumer feedback has been incredible. We will support Zima with influential partnerships, retail activation and digital, all to entice consumers to try 'Zomething different.'"

The drink, which was discontinued in 2008, has even embraced its '90s heritage with a full-on throwback website complete with flashing graphics and bright colors.

So if you're 21 and older and embracing the nostalgia trend, be sure to grab some Zima for your next summer barbecue.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Zima__Official


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