Fireball Gummy Bears Now Exist

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Just in time for summer, Fireball gummy bears are now a thing, which is either great or awful news depending on how you feel about the cinnamon-flavored whiskey.

Thanks to Etsy shops VineGelee, based in Denver, and Irish Confectionery Co., based in Dublin, you can now purchase pre-made Fireball-infused gummy bears, Delish shares.

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Irish Confectionery Co.'s Fire Cubs are gluten-free and have a bit of shimmer, making them both pretty and alcoholic. The gummies ship internationally, and the shop also offers mulled wine, rum, and orange creamsicle whiskey flavored bears, which cost $5.79 for a bag of 100.

VineGelee calls their gummies Fire Bears, and they range in price from $10 for a 4-ounce bag to $22 for a pound. Along with Fireball, the shop also offers beer, champagne, and rosé-infused treats.

The Fireball gummies follow last summer's rosé gummy bears craze, which earned their own 1,000-person wait list. If you want to make your own, all you need to do is soak your chosen amount of gummies in some Fireball for a few hours, and you'll be ready for your next adults-only summer get together.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @goodhousemag


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