Watch: Baby Gorilla and Toddler Play Peek-A-Boo and It's the Cutest Thing Ever

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Sometimes you just need a moment of cuteness to get through the day, and this video of a baby gorilla and a human toddler playing peek-a-boo is just that moment.

The Daily Beast shared the adorable video of a little boy making a connection with a baby gorilla that first appeared on an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos and has gone viral.

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With a little guidance from his dad, the little boy quickly starts playing a precious game of peek-a-boy with the baby gorilla at the zoo.

The little boy goes one way, the gorilla goes the other. The pair goes back and forth a few times and they genuinely seem to be enjoying their little game.

The adults looking on, do as well. One woman watching the game take place and declares it "the cutest thing ever."

We agree.

Photo: Twitter / @lookfunnyvideos


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