Kim Kardashian Releases Her Own Fidget Spinner

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(Photo: Twitter / @GlamourMagUK)

Fidget spinners are everywhere recently and now Kim Kardashian is selling one of her own.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram on Friday to promote her new merchandise. Included in the new products was a custom fidget spinner.

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Time reports that the "Daddy Money Fidget Spinner" metallic gold fidget spinner is in the shape of a dollar sign and has the word "daddy" written on it. It costs $15 and is part of an assortment of "daddy" themed items for sale on Kardashian's KIMOJI website.

Kimoji Daddy Drop today at noon! KIMOJI.COM #FathersDay @kimoji

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Kardashian selling her own fidget spinner is just one more sign of how huge this trend has become. Catherine Hettinger, inventor of the device, even weighed in on their popularity.

"When you start seeing these things flying off the shelf at your local 7-11, you know things are heating up."


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