Watch: Why Mom Jaime Primak Sullivan Had a Meltdown Over a Bottle of Dish Soap

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When mom Jaime Primak Sullivan arrived home recently, she noticed that her kids had set up a sort of slip and slide contraption in her backyard, which her daughter explained was purchased with money she had saved up when the kids' babysitter brought them to the store.

At first, Primak Sullivan was proud of her kids, but quickly became angry when she noticed a bottle of dish soap lying on the ground, its contents used for the slip and slide.

“I come outside and the brand new bottle of dish soap that Michael (her husband) just bought yesterday empty in the glass, having been dumped onto the slip and slide,” she said in a now-viral Facebook video.

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Primak Sullivan retreated to the closet, where she proceeded to have a mom meltdown because sometimes, kids can just send their parents over the edge.

“Why would you think it is okay to take my stuff and dump it out?” she queried.

“I understand that dish soap is four dollars,” she continued. “That’s not the point. The point is I’m tired. Every woman inside me is tired. And I feel like it’s not even about the soap. it’s like it’s never enough with them. No matter what we give them it’s never enough.”

Primak Sullivan later shared on Facebook that her children will wash the dishes by hand in order to earn back the price of the $3.79 dish soap.

"Parenting is so hard," she wrote. "As hard as you think it will be, it can be 100 times harder. Admitting you're disappointed in the process is not easy. No one ever wants to admit they have challenges in their home. I'm here to tell you they do. I do. You do. They do."

"Balance is a myth. Perfection a lie. Motherhood, at times, thankless.... it's does not mean we are not thankful. I am thankful."

Photo Credit: Facebook / Jaime Primak Sullivan


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