This Sunset Eye Makeup Has the Internet Shook

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Instagram is the place to go for outrageous beauty looks, and one recent makeup moment has the Internet in total awe.

Makeup artist @LunaFortun used the social media platform to offer her version of a "sunset eye," and the results are unlike anything we've ever seen.

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The bold makeup features an actual sunset painted on Luna's eyelids, with her eyelashes resembling grass and her undereye painted to look like the sun's reflection on the water.

Luna's look was also shared on Twitter, where it has since received nearly 85,000 retweets and over 237,000 likes. Understandably, people are freaking out over how amazing it is.

"INSANE SKILLS!" one Instagram user commented. "I'm obsessed!!!" added another. "So so amazing girl."

We agree!

Photo Credit: Instagram / @lunafortun


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