'Fuller House' Under Fire for Potential Animal Cruelty

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Ummmmm.... just a typical day at work. Is that an alligator in the pet clinic?! #FullerHouse

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Fuller House has come under fire after star Candace Cameron Bure shared several snaps on Instagram of an alligator being used on the show's set Tuesday.

Bure used the platform to upload a selfie with an alligator in the background, writing, "Ummmmm.... just a typical day at work. Is that an alligator in the pet clinic?!"

She also shared multiple snaps on her Instagram story of the reptile, with one shot clearly showing that the animal's mouth had been duct-taped.

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(Photo: Instagram / @candacecbure)

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Commenters immediately took to Bure's photo to accuse the show of animal cruelty,

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(Photo: Instagram / @candacecbure)

"Poor Poor animal...it belongs in nature not on your show!!!!!" wrote one person.

Another added, "This saddens me to see this poor alligator in an unnatural environment, with duct tape around its mouth surrounded by loud noises, and so on. While I'm sure it has been used in other shows or movies before, no one will ever truly know how it feels, or what it thinks in these types of situations."

The comments weren't all negative, with some noting that the alligator likely had handlers to take care of her and protect the cast and crew.

"They're not harming it at all, just working w/it!" one user wrote.

Animal treatment in Hollywood recently made headlines when the film A Dog's Purpose came under fire for potential animal abuse after a video surfaced of a dog appearing to be forced to film a harrowing scene. An investigation cleared the movie of the accusations.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @candacecbure


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