McDonald's Fresh Beef Burgers Have an Annoying Drawback

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Last year, in a likely attempt to compete with Wendy's, McDonald's announced it was going to start testing fresh beef for its hamburgers. Since the announcement, the Golden Arches has been flipping fresh patties for its Quarter Pounders at locations in Texas and Oklahoma, with the long-term goal of getting the fresh beef into most of its restaurants by 2018.

However, customers in Texas and Oklahoma have surprisingly expressed their deep unhappiness with the switch.

According to Delish, the biggest drawback to the upgrade is that it's slowing down production. The locations that have been testing the new option are taking a minute longer to cook the burger than those restaurants who still have the traditional patties.

While a minute may not seem terribly long, Consumerist has noted that Mickey D's was already lagging when it came to turnaround times. It cited a study that found that McDonald's customers spend an average of nearly 4 minutes at the drive-thru, which is a lot compared to competitors like Wendy's, where customers only waited just under 3 minutes.

For their part, store managers at these locations are warning consumers ahead of time that their orders may take a little longer. They also told Consumerist that sales are improving, thanks to the new choices.

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