Latest Social Media Post of Glen Campbell Is Breaking the Hearts of Fans Everywhere

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The daughter of country singer and icon, Glen Campbell took to social media this week with a photograph that is truly breaking the hearts of his fans everywhere.

Since his diagnosis, Campbell’s family has been open to sharing the difficulties of the country superstar’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, but it was one post shared to social media on Sunday that tugged at the strings of his fans all around the world.

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Campbell’s daughter, Ashley, took to her Facebook page to share a black and white image of her cradling her father’s face in her hands with a caption most heartfelt for Father’s Day.

“Happy Fathers Day,” she captioned. “On this Fathers Day I wish you could know how many people are asking about you and praying for you. I wish you could know that your new album is bringing joy to people all over the world right now.”

She continued by writing, “I wish you were here. I can hug you and hold you, but I can’t know for sure where you are. I love you dad. I’m here for you. Thank you for giving me everything.”

In honor of the day, she hashtagged “Father’s Day,” but it was her tags for “I’m still here and yet I’m gone” and “End Alzheimer’s” that brought along tears from thousands of fans.

Instagram user Liz Sharpe, wrote, “Oh [Ashley Campbell], we love you. This picture just made me cry. We are always here for you,” while another user, Sonja, commented, “My father died of Alzheimer's 7 years ago. This photo is priceless. Cherish the memories you have.”

The heartwarming image received more 4,000 reactions from fans on Facebook as well, with many commenting with similar sentiments, writing, “This broke my heart,” “It’s so heartbreaking… always in my thoughts,” and “He knows and feels the love! Just unable to say it...,” while another from across the pond simply wrote, Still bringing joy to me here in Northern Ireland.”

Earlier this month, Ashley told PEOPLE that while her father does not always process what he is hearing, he still finds music to be “very comforting to him.”

“Sometimes he’ll just close his eyes and kind of smile and start singing along, even though we don’t know what he’s singing along to, but he’s got a song in his heart and it’s really beautiful to see that,” she said.

Photo credit: Twitter / @HHC_NC


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