Rainbow Ice Cream Tacos Are Here and Yes, You Read That Right

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It appears that the parade of rainbow foods is not quite over, but we can't say we're too upset about it thanks to this latest creation.

Thanks to Sweet Cup, an ice cream shop in California, the ordinary taco has gotten a makeover and it looks absolutely delicious.

The shop is serving ice cream tacos, which are rolled ice cream placed in waffle cone tacos topped with treats like sprinkles, cereal cookies and more.

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The tacos come in a bevy of flavors, including charcoal black coconut, s'mores, strawberry shortcake and rainbow road, which is definitely the brightest taco on offer. Cosmopolitan shares that another popular flavor is the Monsters Inc which features vanilla ice cream combined with chocolate chip cookies and Oreos in it. The treat is served in a blue taco and topped with whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate drizzle.

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Take a look at some more of the colorful creations below, and don't blame us if you happen to indulge in a little ice cream later.

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @sweetcup_oc


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