Missing 11-Year-Old Found Sitting on Roof of His Home After Helicopter Search

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A missing boy was found after a helicopter discovered him sitting on the roof of his home, WSVN-TV reports.

Angel, an 11-year-old boy from Miami, was reported missing by his family at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, and was later located on the roof of his home by a helicopter with 7SkyForce.

“We were just kind of searching here waiting for our next hit on this story when we spotted the child,” said 7SkyForce’s Ralph Rayburn. “He’s on the roof of the house.”

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After finding the boy on the roof, officers were able to talk him into coming down.

“My mom is embarrassed,” Angel said. “I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, and I didn’t mean to waste any of the police officers’ time.”

The boy said that he didn't want to go to camp, and got into a fight with his mom and ran away. He added that he has ADHD and can sometimes lose control.

Angel added that while this isn't the first time he's run away, he won't do it again.

“I was thinking of how hard my mom works to do this, and I just do the most stupidest things sometimes," he said. "It’s very difficult for her, and I’m proud of the patience she has for me."

Photo Credit: WSVN-TV


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