Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Caught an Audience Member Stealing and Things Got Uncomfortable

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Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of hidden cameras, and one audience member learned that the hard way when she was caught stealing by the talk show host during a recent taping.

As a gift to her guests, DeGeneres put out a table of swag before the show, with the caveat that each audience member could take only one item for free. Most attendees followed the rule, choosing from items like hats, shirts and mugs.

Some people appeared to consider breaking the one item rule, including a woman who was torn between a hat and a t-shirt, ultimately deciding to return later and buy the hat. Because of her honesty, DeGeneres later gifted her the hat.

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As for the next woman to catch DeGeneres' eye, well, she wasn't so lucky.

The show's hidden cameras caught the woman taking multiple items from the table with her friend, and she later returned to the table to switch out one of her stolen items for something else. Naturally, DeGeneres called her out, saying "You're the kind of person like when you go trick-or-treating and nobody's home, you take the bowl, you just walk away."

"Let that be a lesson to you," DeGeneres added. "You just need to be a good person."

She then sent the woman to "Ellen Jail," so we're thinking this won't be happening again on DeGeneres' show anytime soon.

Photo Credit: YouTube / TheEllenShow


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