A Woman's Act of Kindness Leads to 167 Drivers Paying It Forward at McDonald's

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(Photo: Twitter / @katiemusefox5)

A customer at the Scottsburg, Indiana McDonald’s paid for the order in the car behind hers on Father’s Day and set off a chain reaction of 167 other drivers paying it forward.

Cashier Hunter Hostetler told ABC News that he’s keeping an eye out for the lady so that he can tell her just what her kind act inspired.

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“I keep looking for her, hoping I see her and can tell her what happened,” Hostetler said. “I don’t know if she knows, but I hope to see her again so I can tell her.”

Hostler was working the drive-thru on Father’s Day evening when the woman drove up to the window to pay for her $6 order. When she noticed the man in the car behind her also had four kids with him, she told Hostetler she would pay for his $36 order, too.

“She paid it in full and told me to tell the dad Happy Father’s Day,” Hostetler said.

But the kindness didn’t stop there. When Hostetler told the man that his order was paid for, he offered to pay for the next two cars. By the time the drive-thru closed at midnight, 167 cars had all paid it forward.

And it wasn’t just the customers who got into the act. Hostetler said that when customers came through who didn’t quite have enough to fully cover the car behind them, he and his co-worker Jessica Wells donated money from their own pockets to keep things going.

“There’s so much negativity in the world,” Hostetler said. “Something like this just doesn’t happen every day.”


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