Mom's Post Declaring Her Kids Are Doing 'Literally Nothing' This Summer Goes Viral

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A lot of moms feel like failures if they aren’t filling summer vacation days with enriching tasks and activities and Kristen Hewitt was one of them.

When the mother of two ended up lounging at home doing nothing with her girls instead of heading out for a busy, scheduled beach day, she felt guilty until she realized what they were doing was perfectly fine and took to her blog to say so, Huffington Post reports.

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Hewitt, a sports reporter who also blogs for the Huffington Post, wrote on Facebook that going into summer break she had big plans for her girls’ vacation.

“I had big plans to be a ‘good mom’ this summer,” Hewitt wrote. “There were going to be chore charts, reading goals, daily letter writing practice and cursive classes.”

But that’s not what happened. Hewitt and her daughters, aged 5 and 8, instead spent the first day of summer just chilling.

“Lounged in our pj’s until 11 a. m., baked the girl’s pick ― chocolate chip cookie brownies, started an art project we never finished, then moved to the pool,” Hewitt wrote.

The “doing nothing” felt so good that Hewitt decided to scrap her plans for the summer and just go with the flow each day instead.

“It’s so easy to be pressured by things we see on social [media]. Ways to challenge our kids and enrich their summer,” she wrote. “But let’s be real - we’re all tired. Tired of chores, tired of schedules and places to be, tired of pressure, and tired of unrealistic expectations.”

Hewitt said that her family might do a few things over the summer, like the pool and the local YMCA, but she plans to keep things “low key” and encouraged other parents to do the same.

“So, if you haven’t figured out what you’re doing this summer, you’re not alone. And guess what? It’s OK! Your kids will be fine and so will you,” she wrote.

The Facebook post has since received over 13,000 likes and Hewitt is a little surprised that her do-nothing summer has gone viral.

“Who knew being a slacker mom could be so inspirational?!” she joked.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Kristen Hewitt


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