Baskin Robbins Has Created a Milkshake Sundae and We Need to Try It

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Baskin Robbins' is here to answer your eternal dessert struggle — sundae or milkshake?

Thanks to the dessert chain, you won't have to choose again! The ice cream shop is testing out milkshake sundaes, Brand Eating reports. The milkshake sundae is basically the way it sounds — a shake in a parfait cup that's topped with a sundae.

Specifically, you can pick any milkshake flavor, then another ice cream flavor and topping that sits on top. Just like with any sundae, the concoction is completed with whipped cream, nuts and a maraschino cherry.

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The treat has been spotted at stores in Detroit, Michigan and New Orleans, Louisiana. Last summer, stores in Nashville, Tennessee, carried the special shakes, as well.

Would you try the yummy dessert?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @delishdotcom


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