This Mom's Hilarious Post About 'Goodnight Moon' Is Too Relatable

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Goodnight Moon is a staple childhood book. It has sold more than 48 million since it was first published in 1947.

But one reader has some major questions for author Margaret Wise Brown regarding the room designs in the book and they are hilarious.

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Comedian and mother of two Raquel D’Apice took her to blog, The Ugly Volvo, to share her concerns over the design choices in Goodnight Moon.

“This bedroom is enormous,” she wrote. “There is no one, I think, who has not noticed this. As someone who has lived in apartments only slightly larger than a ‘little toy house,’ it’s mildly vexing that this bedroom is the size of a banquet hall in Downton Abbey.

The New Jersey native went on to reimagine a conversation the interior decorators could have had back then. “‘Do you think a tiger skin rug would be overkill?’” asks one designer to which the other replies: “‘’For a young child’s room? No. Not at all.’”

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D’Apice’s main concerns were with the “dangerously non-childproofed fire place,” “the world’s smallest and most useless clothesline” and the bookshelf. All valid points!

“Unless this rabbit is defending a doctoral thesis, there’s no need for him to own every non-fiction hardcover from Farrar Straus and Giroux,” she wrote.

Then, she called out the placement of the comb, brush and bowl full of mush. “Almost as appealing as a nail clipper next to a plate of sunny-side up eggs.”

D’Apice, 37, spoke to Us Weekly about her viral post, saying, “I’ve read the book so many times that reading it was like commuting to a job you’ve been driving to for 10 years.”

She added, “You don’t have to pay attention to the words anymore, you just know them, so I started overanalyzing the pictures. I was like, ‘Hey, if this rabbit’s young enough to have an old woman rocking him to sleep, why does he have a black office telephone on his night table? I don’t know any nursery where the parents are like, ‘You know what? My 3-year-old needs a landline.'”

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