Watch: Pilot Asks Passengers to 'Pray' After Plane Starts Shaking

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Passengers aboard a flight headed to Malaysia from Australia experienced a very bumpy ride on Sunday.

AirAsia’s veteran pilot asked his passengers to pray they make it through the flight. "Our survival depends on your [cooperation],” the pilot said.

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For over 90 minutes, fliers sat through the flight, which felt “like being in a washing machine,” according to one passenger.

The problems began after a “bang” was heard coming from one of the two engines. The heroic pilot stayed calm as he turned the plane around to head back to Perth, Australia. However, the plane struggled the whole way.

“Hopefully, everything will turn out for the best,” the pilot reportedly said.

One of the 359 passengers said, "The pilot asked us to pray twice and said he was scared too."

The pilot was able to safely land the plane and the passengers were transferred to other flights. An investigation is currently underway to determine what happened to the engine.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ideepakmathur


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