Authorities Say Teen Girl's Actions May Have Resulted in Her Fall From Amusement Park Ride

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After a teen girl fell off an amusement park ride Saturday, authorities are potentially blaming the 14-year-old for her actions, PEOPLE reports.

At Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, New York, the girl fell from the slow-moving Sky Ride gondola and was injured as she dropped into the arms of park-goers, who had gathered to catch her. The ride was stopped when operators learned a guest was in distress and the girl fell 25 feet, CNN shared.

Warren County Sheriff’s Lt. Steven Stockdale said that “human error” on the teen's part may have been the reason she slipped under the ride's metal restraining bar.

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“We’ve investigated the ride itself and formulated that it was in proper working order,” Stockdale said. “Human error is one of the things we’re looking into.”

“It could have been a catastrophe,” he added. “She’s a very lucky young lady."

The teen was treated at Albany Medical Center for unspecified injuries and was released Monday. A man was also treated for injuries he sustained trying to catch the girl and has since been released.

Police say that the girl's family has declined multiple requests to be interviewed, and the absence of an account from the teen combined with the fact that the ride was determined to be in working order leads authorities to believe human error may be to blame.

The park remained closed on Tuesday pending an internal review.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CNN


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