Donald Trump Watches 'Property Brothers' on Air Force One

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(Photo: Twitter / @joyannreid)

In between top-secret meetings and briefings aboard Air Force One, Donald Trump relaxes with a little bit of television, but what the President watches is a little bit of a surprise.

Associated Press White House reporter Jon Lemire recently discovered that the President appears to be a Property Brothers fan. Lemire made the discovery while watching television aboard Air Force One and noticed that the popular HGTV series was scheduled to record, ELLE Decor reports.

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Lemire took to Twitter to share his discovery, captioning a photo of the in-flight entertainment system with “FYI: the TVs on Air Force One are programmed to record 'Property Brothers'.”

As there are a number of people who travel on Air Force One, it’s possible that First Lady Melania Trump or another staffer might actually be the fan of the home renovation show, but with Trump having made his fortune in real estate, it’s not too far a stretch to see the former reality star as being a big fan of show.

The real estate series is in contrast to other programming the President enjoys while flying. Trump reportedly also enjoys watching various Fox News programs, in addition to getting his HGTV fix.


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