New Details Emerge on the 'Cannibal Killer' Frat Boy's Phone Calls to Parents

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Austin Harrouff, the "cannibal killer" and Florida State University student responsible for the deaths of Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens III, wants to just "be a normal kid again."

The State Attorney's Office in Martin County, Florida, where the 20-year-old is from, released over ten hours of recordings of phone calls between Harrouff and his parents. He can be heard speaking on a slew of topics ranging from his boredom in jail to his desire to seek mental help.

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In the phone conversations, Harrouff can be heard speaking in a monotone voice and would often respond to questions with one-word answers, repeating the phrase over and over. He also would laugh briefly and at awkward times during the conversation. On multiple occasions, Harrouff made "strange, unintelligible" sounds, according to Daily Mail.

Harrouff is accused of stabbing 59-year-old John Stevens II and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon to death at their home on Southeast Kokomo Lane on August 15 last year. When the police found him, Harrouff was biting Stevens' face, which led the accusers to believe that he was under the influence of drugs such as bath salts or flakka.

Earlier this year, TV psychologist Dr. Phil managed to speak with Harrouff about the incident. The interview, which lasted for 22 minutes, showed Harrouff chronicling his memory of the night that he allegedly killed the man and woman.

The night began with Harrouff being at dinner with his father at a sports bar called Duffy's. The student then left the restaurant and said he was going to pick up his car from his father's house. Harrouff then claimed to have encountered a demon-like figure he referred to as "Daniel."

"When I saw him, it wasn't like a clear person, it was a dark figure because it was pitch black outside and I couldn't really see," Harrouff said. "But I heard his voice distinctly when I saw him and I just got scared out of my mind."

In an effort to escape "Daniel," Harrouff said he rushed into Stevens and Mishcon's garage. Harrouff says he first encountered Mishcon, who was shocked to find him in her house.

Harrouff said that he had taken his pants off and was "almost naked." He doesn't remember the events that transpired after or how the interaction with Mishcon and Stevens escalated to him picking up a machete in the garage.

"At the end, I remember saving a dog and hijacking their car and then it's a blur," Harrouff said. "It's like it happened, but, like, I wasn't aware of it at the time."

Harrouff also mentioned that he has no recollection of attacking Stevens' neighbor that came to their defense.

"I don't have any memory of that. I only remember him yelling at me," he said. "I don't remember fighting or stabbing him. I don't remember how my hands got like this."

Harrouff's next court hearing is scheduled for July 25.

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