Watch: Pharrell Williams Won't Return to 'The Voice,' Says He Has 'Work to Do'

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Pharrell Williams is not returning to The Voice.

The artist told Today on Tuesday that his busy schedule promoting new music for Despicable 3, preparing for an album release and parenting his four children is keeping him from returning to the hit NBC show.

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“Honestly, I have to work,” Williams said. “I got so much work to do. It was so much fun and while I was doing it, helping other people was like a drug for me. I couldn’t get enough of helping them, but I have work to do, music to make and so many records.”

The 44-year-old artist continued by talking about some of the albums he’s been collaborating on and teased a little bit about his own.

“Ariana Grande’s album’s amazing, the Justin Timberlake album’s amazing. There’s another album that I can’t talk about, but all my fans know about it,” Williams said. “It’s coming out and it’s exciting and there’s just so much work I got done being off, but I’m so grateful and had such a great time.”

Also keeping Williams busy are the triplets he welcomed with wife Helen Lasichanh in January. The babies join older brother, 8-year-old Rocket, and while Williams admits he doesn’t help out with changing diapers, he has nothing but praise for Lasichanh.

“My wife is Seal Team Six. There’s nothing she can’t do,” Williams said. “She carried those three bodies and she’s just on it all the time.”

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