'Teen Mom' Star Ryan Edwards Nods off While Driving to His Own Wedding

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The wedding bells are ringing, but Ryan Edwards can't seem to hear them.

On the season finale of Teen Mom OG, Edwards was finally wed to Mackenzie Standifer. However, as the camera showed the couple driving to their wedding, it was clear that Edwards wasn't all there.

Edwards picked Standifer up to head to their wedding, and he began to nod in and out of consciousness while behind the wheel. The show even flashed warnings of "disturbing scenes" as the guy was clearly driving under the influence.

He first blamed his swerving on the sun, but the removal of his sunglasses proved that there was something in Edwards' system.

The bride-to-be tried to help by reaching over and steadying the wheel, despite her obvious state of panic. She even went so far as to turn the cameras off. Mackenzie then asked Ryan if he had taken any Xanax, and insisted that he hadn't.

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"I don't have any. I put that on my kid's life," he said.

The show ended the clip by issuing more warnings, and recommending addicts to seek help.

Since his time on Teen Mom, Edwards has consistently struggled with drug addiction. After the episode was filmed however, he entered into rehab. He has reportedly left the treatment center in recent weeks, and has "a lot of support," according to co-star Amber Portwood.

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