Watch: Dying Mom Watches Daughter Graduate From Her Hospital Bed

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Samantha Parrotte’s mother had watched her older siblings graduate high school, but as her own graduation day neared it looked like her mother might not live to see it.

That’s when a teacher from Parrotte’s vocational school decided that if Patty Parrotte couldn’t come to the graduation, the graduation would have to come to Patty. On June 7, 18-year-old Parrotte received her diploma two weeks early in her mother’s hospital room.

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“No words to describe how incredible that moment was,” Parrotte told Inside Edition.

Parrotte’s mother had been fighting triple negative breast cancer for ten months after appearing as a butterfly rash on her chest that spread to her face. She was initially misdiagnosed by her regular doctor with a dermatologist later giving the family the grim diagnosis.

Knowing that her mother, who was being treated at the University of Vermont Medical center, would be unable to attend the graduation at Champlain Valley Technical Center in New York, Parrotte told one of her teachers about the situation.

“I told my allied health teacher my mom’s not doing well,” Parrotte said. “She called me down to the principal’s office and presented the idea.”

The school gathered some of Parrotte’s favorite teachers and traveled to the hospital so that Parrotte could graduate in front of her mom.

Her mother, who had been struggling to remain conscious, surprised Parrotte by staying awake for the ceremony.

“When I went in there and I saw her sitting up, keeping her eyes open, smiling at me, I was amazed,” Parrotte said. “It was shocking for sure and I was speechless.”

Her mother slipped into unconsciousness shortly after the ceremony and died less than 48 hours later, but Parrotte knows why her mom held on.

“I think that my mom was truly holding on for that moment,” Parrotte said.

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