'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Danielle Bregoli Pleads Guilty to Slew of Charges

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The "Cash Me Ousside" girl Danielle Bregoli is fessing up to a list of serious crimes in a Florida court. The 14-year-old pleaded guilty to charges of grand theft, grand theft auto, possession of marijuana, and filing a false report on Wednesday.

The State Attorney's Office cited three separate occasions when Bregoli stole her mother's purse, stole her mother's car, and tried to file a false report against her mom claiming that she was on heroin, according to WSB-TV.

During an incident that went down on May 26, 2016, the viral sensation called the police to report a domestic battery involving her mother, Barbara Ann. Bregoli spread powdered sugar on the bathroom counter and told the cops that her mother was using heroin and was beating her.

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Bregoli's most recent crime was getting caught smoking marijuana in a car.

While Bregoli pleaded guilty to a slew of crimes, there were two additional charges that were dismissed.

In attendance at the court hearing was her father, Ira Peskowitz. He requested that the judge on the case, Judge Lou Delgado, impose a "no-internet" condition on Bregoli.

"I'm reluctant to do that," Judge Delgado said.

Peskowitz said of his daughter: "She posts 24-7. It's controlled by an alleged management team that promotes absurd behavior for a 14-year-old child."

Bregoli skyrocketed to fame after an appearance on Dr. Phil last year. Her father says that she is now "being exploited for her horrific, disgusting behavior" at a young age.

Peskowitz and Barbara Ann, Danielle's parents, are possibly headed for a custody battle over their now-famous daughter. The teen's father spoke out about the "hardships" that he feels Danielle has experienced in her life, one of which is not having met her brothers.

"One of Danielle's hardships in life is that she wanted to meet her brothers for many years," Peskowitz said. "But Danielle's behavior right now is inappropriate for a 9-year-old and 11-year-old."

Bregoli and her mother declined to comment on this week's court hearing.

She will most likely be sentenced for the crimes at a hearing scheduled for July 22.

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