'Pretty Little Liars' Finally Reveals A.D.'s Identity, Twitter Understandably Freaks Out

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Pretty Little Liars just aired its series finale Tuesday night, but the long-running show wasn't going away without one final twist for fans to freak out about.

Warning — spoilers ahead!

Over the last couple seasons of PLL, the Liars have been harassed by the mysterious A.D (also known as Uber A) over the death of Charlotte DiLaurentis. (A.D. is not to be confused with the show's original antagonist, A.)

In the series finale, "Till Death Do Us Part," A.D.'s identity was revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencer's secret British twin sister.

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According to The Wrap, Alex met Charlotte while the latter was traveling in England and the two became close. With the assistance of Mary Drake, the girl's mother (who recently escaped prison), Alex set out to ruin the Liars' lives after Charlotte's death.

Alex also apparently pretended to be Spencer during several key scenes.

As with any big TV twist, Twitter was absolutely freaking out when the "Twincer" twist was revealed. Apparently, it had been a conspiracy theory in fan circles online, but an evil twin just seemed pretty off-the-wall of an option. However, this is Pretty Little Liars, so anything was possible.

Here are some of the best reactions to the twin reveal:

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