Watch: Young Boy Totally Fails at Haircut Tutorial

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If you've ever cut your own hair, you know it can easily go wrong, and one young boy learned that the hard way when he decided to take his dad's clippers to his hair in this YouTube video.

In the clip, the boy explains that he often gives his dad a simple haircut, and borrowed his dad's clippers without telling him to give himself a tune-up.

However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when the boy almost instantly goes in too hard with the clippers, giving himself a major bald spot in the middle of his head.

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"So my child usually gives me a haircut weekly because idc how my hair looks, especially since it's a bonding moment," the video's caption reads. "But he had this bright idea of cutting his own hair and surprising me lol that most definitely went well haha enjoy."

The boy is initially shocked, before coming to terms with his new look.

"I'm going to be the funniest kid on the planet," he admits before adding, "Well, it doesn't look that bad."

Photo Credit: YouTube / Foxx Five


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