Michael Jackson's Father Rushed to Hospital After Car Accident

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Joe Jackson, the father of pop music icon and legend, Michael Jackson, was rushed to the hospital after a car accident.

According to TMZ, Jackson was riding in the passenger seat of a black Jaguar, somewhere on the Las Vegas strip, when the car he was in T-boned a red SUV.

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Jackson is said to have walked into a Panda Express which was located near where the accident took place and had a seat. He was said to be in noticeable pain, per witnesses.

Paramedics put him in an ambulance after Jackson complained of chest pains, with them rushing him to a hospital.

At the time of the accident, it was not clear if anyone else had suffered injuries. However, Jackson was recently released from the hospital and claimed to be doing fine.

He revealed that he "got out of it without a scratch," but that his assistant, who was driving, ended up with a broken thumb.

Jackson said they were heading home for lunch, and then added, "All is well. Thank God."

The Jackson family patriarch has been in and out of hospitals over the last few years due to various health issues. Last year, he was admitted for medical treatment after suddenly coming down with a high fever.

In 2015, the 89-year-old was sent to the hospital during a Brazil vacation after suffering from a stroke. This was just one of many that he had suffered in recent years, and it prompted his daughter, pop superstar, Janet Jackson, to put her tour rehearsals on hold so that she could be by his side.

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