Man Marries Preschool Sweetheart 20 Years After Promising He Would

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When he was only 3-years-old, Matt Grodsky told his entire preschool class that he was going to marry classmate, Laura Scheel.

Nearly two decades later, he made good on that promise.

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Grodsky, now 23, told TODAY that from the moment he met Scheel in a Phoenix preschool, he immediately wanted to impress her.

“I don’t remember the first time I saw her, but she was always a girl who let me follow her around,” Grodsky said. “I’d always try to impress her by reciting lines from movies like The Lion King and stuff like that.”

Grodsky was quickly infatuated with his new friend and classmate, feeling the need to declare it to the world.

“When you like someone, you just kind of stand up and say it,” he explained of his amorous declaration for Scheel in front of their peers who only laughed.

Grodsky’s response to the ridicule? “Just you wait.”

That wait turned out to take some time. Grodsky and Scheel attended different schools, but one of Scheel’s friends unwittingly brought them together again. Scheel’s friend had gone to middle school with Grodsky and had his number in her phone. When the mutual friend discovered their preschool romance, they offered to reconnect them.

“I was a freshman in high school so I was like, ‘I don’t think so!’” Scheel said. “But then she ended up giving him my number and he texted me and we hit it off ever since.”

The pair began dating two weeks later, but two different colleges in two different states threatened to split the couple up again. This time, however, the couple vowed to make it work and as they entered their senior year of college, Grodsky took Scheel back to the preschool where it all began to propose to his lifelong sweetheart.

The couple married December 30, 2016

Grodsky’s uncle, who officiated the wedding, best summed up their long journey.

“For most kids in preschool, it’s about finding your snacks and your sleeping mats, but for them it was about finding their soulmates,” he said.


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