Oreo and Dunkin’ Donuts Releases Their Mocha-Flavored Cookies

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America’s Favorite Cookie just teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts for a collaboration that is seriously going to be the summertime snack of your dreams.

After rumors swirled this past spring with a leaked mock-up of the potential new flavor hitting social media of an Oreo and Dunkin’ Donuts collaboration, fans of the Nabisco treat were in a frenzy — and for good reason too. Is there anything tastier than coffee and Oreo cookies?

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The short answer is no.

For those looking for a quick fix and convenient perk-up, these cookies are bound to deliver what you need to go on with those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. As the newest in a long line of inventive and wonderful Oreo flavors coming out of the cookie’s dynamic vault, like Jelly Donut and Blueberry Pie, it’s a partnership that was a long time coming.

After all, Oreo cookies are the center of a lot of delicious treats, from doughnuts to milkshakes, to even Dunkin’ Donuts’ popular, Coolatas.

As for how they taste, fans who managed to get their hands on the limited edition boxes say they are actually pretty delicious. While the cookie portion of the sandwich is still that classic chocolate wafer cookie, the crème is what really makes this a delightful snack with its subtle coffee flavor and smooth chocolate kick. With the intention of emulating a mocha flavor, there is a bit more chocolate to this taste than coffee, which will still complement your rich cup of Joe.

The cookies can be found at Safeway locations across the U.S., and most Walmarts, arriving in about a week or two. They’re definitely a change of pace from the traditional Oreo, with a more refined, adult take on a beloved classic.


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