Watch: How to Make a Tiki Torch From a Fireball Bottle

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With Fireball being a go-to party drink empty bottles are inevitable. But other than recycling, what can you do with an empty Fireball bottle once you’ve used up all the alcohol to make delicious spiced sangria or fiery margaritas?

Thanks to a handy tutorial from Delish that question now has an answer. You can turn those empty Fireball bottles into tiki torches!

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As shown in the video, the tiki torches are surprisingly simple to make. All you need is a clean, empty bottle of Fireball, a funnel, citronella or tiki torch fluid, copper coupling, some plumber’s tape, and a tiki torch wick. Just fill the bottle two-thirds of the way with citronella or tiki torch fluid, wrap the copper coupling with the plumber’s tape enough times to keep it from falling into the bottle, add the wick and light.

As with any open flame make sure to keep the torch where it’s not likely to get knocked over and make sure it’s out of the reach of children. Then step back, enjoy the glow and all the compliments you’ll get from your friends for being so crafty.

Photo: Twitter / @tiffanyrevere


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