Watch: Police Say Man Stole Coffee Pot and Got Naked During Pursuit

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Police in Elkhart, Indiana are investigating an unusual crime spree that stretched across the city.

A spokesperson for the Elkhart Police Department told CBS News affiliate, WSBT-TV that 30-year-old, Michael Coleman, stole sunglasses and a pot of a coffee from a 7-Eleven. It was from there that the man tossed the pot of coffee inside the Village Pantry and said to store patrons and customers that “7-Eleven’s coffee” was better than their store’s.

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Unfortunately, that pot of coffee hit a customer in the store. Following the odd outburst, Coleman then continued down the street to “terrorize” residents.

“For about an hour and a half period of time or so, he was certainly causing a lot of havoc throughout the city,” said Elkhart Police Department Spokesperson Chris Snyder of the crime that occurred at 12:17 a.m., Monday evening.

WSBT-TV reports that Coleman also trespassed several homes and at one point, ran into a shed, stripping of all his clothes and then ran off again.

“He was just very, very uncooperative and aggressive towards the officers,” Snyder said. “At one point, there was a little bit of a pushing match that went on and he ran from the officers.”

While police state that they used a taser to try and stop him, Coleman broke free and pushed officers several times, resisting arrest. Both officers reported minor injuries, while Coleman was soon apprehended and taken to Elkhart General Hospital for evaluation.

“We can watch video, we can talk with witnesses, we can talk with victims so we know what happened at each scene,” Snyder said. “Sometimes the hard part is figuring out what led up to that. Was there a medical condition, was there some kind of illegal drug or alcohol that was involved with this and that's what our detectives will look at now.”

WSBT-TV reports that Coleman was arrested for “theft, battery, criminal mischief, three counts of battery on an officer, residential entry, resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass and public indecency.”


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