Watch: Rory Feek Shares Adorable Video of Daughter Indiana Stepping out in Cowboy Boots

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Why just walk when you can walk in style?

Rory Feek took to Instagram on Monday to share a short video of his 3-year-old daughter Indiana proudly walking with proper country style in her new cowboy boots.

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In the video, Feek can be heard asking little Indiana what she’s wearing before she smiles and proudly tells him that they’re boots. Feek captioned the video, “the nice folks at Preston’s Western Wear found some cowboy boots that can fit over Indy’s little braces. Someone is smiling up in heaven,” a reference to his late wife Joey Feek’s love of horses and cowboys.

Indiana, who has Down Syndrome, only recently learned to walk. Feek has documented the little girl’s physical therapy process from her first refusals to take steps to her proudly standing by herself for the first time at Christmas. Now that she has her cowboy boots there are no doubt many more big steps to come.

Photo: Twitter / @AAlmahallawi


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