Baskin Robbins Announces New Ice Cream Delivery Service

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Baskin-Robbins for the win!

The ice cream chain announced on Thursday that it will begin delivering their sweet treats straight to your front door.

Baskin-Robbins is teaming up with the delivery service DoorDash to deliver their delicious items to 22 cities across the United States. All you need to do is order your ice cream on the DoorDash’s app or website and wait for the delivery.

The one downside is the delivery fee starts at $2.99 on top of the cost your ice cream, but sometimes it’s worth the extra dollars to not leave your house on a hot summer day.

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The chain is also kicking off its partnership with free food. On July 14, Baskin-Robbins will give away free samples of its Mint Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza at stores across the country from noon to 5 p.m. Unfortunately, that means you have to be in the store for this, but free food is worth it.

The chain will also donate Polar Pizzas to several children’s hospitals.

If you are wondering how the delivery service will work since ice cream tends to melt fast, well DoorDash has an answer for you. They will be using insulated carriers to insure no melting occurs prior to your ice cream’s arrival, according to Bloomberg.

Additionally, you are not allowed to order whipped cream with your treats because it tends to dissolve quickly.


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