Jonathan Scott Reveals Who Pays for All Those Renovations on 'Property Brothers'

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HGTV fans know that a huge chunk of change is spent during a lot of the network's shows, from renovation costs to home acquisition costs, but what some fans may not know is that the network isn't always the one footing the bill.

During a recent Facebook Live, Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott revealed to fans that it's actually he and brother Drew Scott who pay for the home makeovers on their show, despite what some people may believe. Jonathan explained that his, Drew and brother JD's production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, orchestrates the filming of the brothers' shows while HGTV handles the cost of shooting.

“Keep in mind, this is Drew and my actual money,” Jonathan said when asked if HGTV covers any unexpected expenses. “We buy these houses ourselves, we put up the money for the renovations ourselves, so everything to do with the project comes out of our pockets.”

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That includes the "bad news" costs homeowners incur over the course of the renovation, although Jonathan did note that he and Drew receive their fair share of discounts along with help from sponsors like Wayfair.

“You would probably never be able to renovate for the same price that we do on our shows because any time we get a wholesale price we pass that savings along to the homeowner,” he explained.

Along with discounts, homeowners also get some serious perks for appearing on the show.

“The people who buy these houses are getting a steal of a deal because they’re getting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture and all this extra stuff, top quality materials from the decking to the tile, you name it,” Jonathan said. “And they’d never be able to get it for that price if it wasn’t for the show.”

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