Man Uses Love Notes Left in Starbucks to Propose to Girlfriend

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starbucks proposal
(Photo: Twitter / @starbucksnews)

Starbucks is better known for coffee than romance, but for one couple the coffee chain is where their love story began.

After leaving countless love notes for each other in airport Starbucks stores all over the world, Austin Mann proposed to longtime girlfriend Esther Havens in the Amsterdam location where it all began.

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Mann and Havens first met in Texas in 2008 and both traveled more than 100,000 miles each year in their jobs supporting nonprofit startups in developing communities, Delish reports. A few years later, the friends crossed paths at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Mann left Havens the first love note at the airport’s Starbucks.

From there the couple began leaving each other notes in airports around the world. Sometimes Mann would pre-order Havens’ favorite drinks for her as well as leave her a note.

“Austin’s notes were always filled with something to make me feel special,” Havens said.

When Mann was ready to ask Havens to marry him, those notes and messages would be the inspiration for a unique and beautiful proposal. Mann arranged for Havens' younger sister to fly in to capture the moment on video, alerted the baristas as to what he was planning and even make sure to get a close-up shot of Havens’ reaction by hiding a phone inside a bag with a hole in it.

Upon arriving at the Amsterdam airport’s Starbucks, Havens went to her usual spot and found Mann’s note waiting for her. The note included a message to pick up a drink at the bar, but when Haven turned around she didn’t find a latte. Mann was there on one knee with flowers.

She said yes.


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